'Margrave Ruediger vs. Trombone : Das Kleine Chaos' ( 14 mp3 tracks 40'05'' ) 2004

01 - legoland
02 - le vélo rose
03 - ricketyp hop
04 - amsterdam global village
05 - digital neurosis
06 - rollercoaster sickness
07 - sig sauer
08 - sult
09 - das kleine chaos
10 - near completion
11 - triangle
12 - pop embryo
13 - gregory Baril
14 - unicum Zwack

'I read somewhere a review of Margrave+Trombone's live split out on BurningEmptiness and it said this was the kind of music The Wire would give as a gift to its subscribers. Although it was meant as a slag-off, I thought I'd be pleased we had such a magazine here in the country of Bécassine -but I guess the only kind we have gives away CDs of Kyo playing live and Wumpscut 'unreleased tracks' (as if anyone would care about his released material) you won't even want the CD of to scare the magpies out of your cherry tree (as a matter of fact, corrupted copies of the Merzbox on CDR scare magpies away in mine). Margrave and Trombone do their own thing on this record as they ever did and always succeeded in doing as far as I'm concerned: it's not too experimental, not too electronic, not too noisy, not too ambient, not too poppy, not to rhythmic nor clicky, but it's never short of excellent. Instant download please. ' Empty, BurningEmptiness Inc. newsletter issue #12 ( DDN )