'Margrave Ruediger vs. Trombone : Two broken teeth and a cracked rib' ( 10 tracks CDR 30'54'' ) 2004

1 - fanfarlo
2 - ni-ne-rves
3 - EG int
4 - dure-mère
5 - anarque peak
6 - casiotone
7 - je suis né troué
8 - sig sauer
9 - unicum zwack
10 - la décrépitude apoplectique

'I must admit I never heard of Margrave Ruediger and Trombone, but together they play a Roland SP 808, Zoom ST-224, Korg Electribe EA1, casio C-18 and Glockenspiel and their release was recorded live in Lyon, France at Le Placard headphone festival, for a bewildered audience of eightteen people. Although cut as one track on this disc, it's ten distinctive parts of mostly melodic synth lines and some more daring experimental parts. At times a bit of experimental techno thrown in, like in 'Casiotone', which brings the whole thing more in favor of nice, almost poppy music and surely fits the recent releases on Burning Emptiness (away from the hardcore underground techno and into the land of popmusic). Nice alternative popthing.' staalplaat, vital weekly #412 ( Frans de Waard )

'great, soulfully lo-fi electronics - inventive, cute and groovy. get it and brighten yr day.' fencing flatworm records

'This is a collaboration between Margrave Ruediger and Trombone, apparently recorded all in one day. The track listing seems to think that there are 10 separate tracks here, but there's only one, on my copy at least. I would of appreciated single tracks, but its not the biggest deal in the world, just a slight annoyance and the sound more than makes up for this transgression. There is an aesthetic here, an overall vibe, that really crawls under my skin and pokes my pleasure nerves. It's cold and dark, yet shiny and happy, like a nihilistic, malfunctioning robot carebear. There is so much sound here, so much movement, that its really hard to describe it all, but I'll do my best. The genres explored here include glitch, experimental, game soundtrack, noise, ambient, and others, but none of those words can begin to explain this. This beast keeps moving, keeps shifting constantly, a beautifully constructed and articulated soundscape full of bleeps,drones,sweeps, manipulated samples, hiss, insane pitch shifting, awkward melodies, fucking everything you could ask for. Most of the material here isn't of an extremely abrasive nature, but every track here has evil undertones rearing their ugly heads, and not everything needs to be distorted all the time. This is amazing experimental music that you really should listen to. Copies are pretty limited, so go get some now so you can avoid feeling suicidal afterwards.' industrial.org ( Royce Icon )

'Pour cette série de collaborations, le label itinérant et do it yourselfBurning Emptiness a convoqué deux frères. Margrave Ruediger a été présenté dans ces pages l'an passé pour sa démo répondant aux esthétiques Mille Plateaux. Avec son frère caché sous l'alias Trombone, il a réalisé ce qui semble plus chaleureux que la douloureuse expérience corporelle qu'appelle le titre. Sans cesse crépitant, vivace, leur univers découvre des vagues warpiennes discrètes, des brumes mélancoliques, des ritournelles synthétiques oxydées, des accidents et des baisses de tensions. Pourtant, comme soutenus par leur terreau (un vrombissement subliminal et des dissonances aussitôt domptées en assurent la solidité), les deux frères ne sombrent jamais dans la confusion, jouent avec l'équilibre comme on joue avec les rayons diffus du soleil dans un bosquet.' Fear Drop #11 ( Denis Boyer )

'Two guys with various synths and groove boxes and a glockenspiel who put their gear together to create a somewhat funny, happy, easy going experimental sound. the use of glockenspiel adds lots of character to their sound which moves in loose and easy tempos and moods. unfortunatey or not i listened to it between moody, melancholical post rock albums and it somehow failed to get me into its atmosphere. released by the nice and very creative burningemptiness inc. label.' Ezine reviews #5